n African Performance Review - Images and memories of home : African video movies in the diaspora

Volume 2, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1753-5964


The African video movie, more locally known as 'home video', is ambivalently received in the African diaspora; its reception ranges from a passionate enthusiasm at one end, qualified acceptance and mild tolerance in between, to a dismissive scepticism at the other. This wide gap in consensus and attitude among viewers of Africa's foremost but still emerging film industry can be attributed to a variety of reasons, and the aim of this paper is to explore these reasons.

However, this paper believes that 'Nollywood', the term by which the Nigerian version of this still emerging cultural phenomenon is known, is partly responsible for some of the negative perceptions and feelings which audiences, especially those in the African diaspora, have about this very robust, occasionally creative and highly profitable cultural industry. The themes, techniques and quality of the films, this paper argues, also contribute to some of the negative perception and reception of African video movies, especially among the diaspora viewers.

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