n African Performance Review - Theatre, Performance and New Media in Africa, Susan Arndt, Eckhard Breitinger & Marek Spitczok von Brisinski (Eds.) (2007) : book review

Volume 2, Issue 2_3
  • ISSN : 1753-5964


In the twenty-first century it is still pertinent, or rather, necessary to ask how it is that society still manages to impose a standard on those who view their existence in different terms and contexts to those of the dominant cultural structure. Culture, we are told, arises from a need to control and enlighten the masses through a series of social performances, specifically aimed at creating and upholding a world view, whether that view is economic, gendered or racially motivated. Whilst it might be argued that culture can be located in the charnels of shared experiences, which predate sophisticated, organised social structures, its continued growth and influence, through the advent of popular culture, requires examination. seeks to identify the points at which popular culture, whilst maintaining uniformity, inevitably creates spaces into which alternative perspectives can be located. Further, that whilst trends often reflect an appeasing form of social hegemony, counter-culture evolves to allow the voices of the dissident to challenge the signified.

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