n African Performance Review - Change Aesthetics in Anglophone Cameroon Drama & Theatre, Hilarious N. Ambe, (2007) : book review

Volume 2, Issue 2_3
  • ISSN : 1753-5964


Reading Hilarious Ambe's study about the aesthetics of Anglophone Cameroon drama and theatre brings the concern of the late Bate Besong regarding the view of what he called the 'new theatre sharply into focus. Ambe's work explores the literary theatre in English in Cameroon from the late 1980s, using a linear political / historical paradigm. Ambe links the rise of Cameroonian theatre in English in the 1980s to the worsening conditions of living and the people's general disenchantment with the political machinations of the Francophone leadership, as well as to the riots and demonstrations against the government. The theatre reacted to all these circumstances by changing from drama that re-presented history to a form of protest theatre whose style is committed to revolutionary aesthetics and to seeking, by way of educating the people, a transformation of Cameroonian society.

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