n African Performance Review - Re/negotiating interculturalism : Africa in Caribbean dance performances

Volume 2, Issue 2_3
  • ISSN : 1753-5964


This paper examines the enduring influence of Africa on African-Caribbean culture and performance traditions, underscoring the need to recognize African-Caribbean culture as a unique cultural manifestation by drawing on Joseph Roach's concept of the . It attempts to renegotiate intercultural theory, vis-à-vis the cultural exchange between Africa and the Caribbean. At the same time, it examines how African-Caribbean performances challenge the notion of African , while retaining a genealogical link to its African past. It is hoped that the discussion of African dance in a trans-national context would clarify the treatment of the term , particularly ways in which trans-national dispersions of African forms have taken them in new directions. The paper underlines the compelling link between African and African-Caribbean performance aesthetics, but also presents a situation in which notions of and are both dispelled in performance. It also attempts to develop Osita Okagbue's vision of a new intercultural critical terminology that will be useful in describing the unique interaction between African and African-Caribbean performance cultures through a proposed notion of .

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