n African Performance Review - Traditional body design idioms and multimedia application : the Igbo uli art form

Volume 2, Issue 2_3
  • ISSN : 1753-5964


Traces of body designing and decoration could be found in almost every indigenous culture around the world. Traditionally many African societies design the body in rich and varied ways. Among the Igbo people of Nigeria these design practices abound as part of the people's cultural heritage. (black indigo) body design technique is the most popular of such design modes. body make-up tradition however belongs to the Igbo cultural past, and it has become obvious that many practices of the traditional society have come under the corrosive influences of modernity. There is thus a need to find new expressions for design, and appropriately restore it to contemporary relevance. The theatre readily comes to mind as a place, where the potentials of could be explored and utilised. There is no gain saying that the Nigerian contemporary theatre is technically ill-equipped to meet the make-up demands of a dynamic theatre such as has evolved in the last decade. make-up has the potential of filling a huge vacuum, especially in the area of body adornment in make-up. Being home-grown too its suitability to the African skin is not under contention. Based on research findings, is here presented as suitable make-up material and practice for contemporary Nigerian theatre.

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