n African Performance Review - Grotesque and mirthless humour in "Midnight Hotel" and Morning Yet on Judgement Day"

Volume 3, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1753-5964



This paper intends to examine theories of humour in which the comic and the tragic meet through the style and structure of a text. It therefore defines the grotesque along this line and expands our interpretation of Osofisan's satiric pieces in within the ambit of unnatural disordered universe he creates to arouse laugher. This is in contrast to the kind of humour that is mirthless in because the issues in discussion range from the serious and the tragic about the socio-political environment in which the play weaves the plot. In other words, our reception of each of these plays depends on the language and style of the plays to elicit either of the reactions: the grotesque in terms of the comic and mirthless humour in terms of the tragic which are so illustrated in each of the play. The paper concludes that whatever our reaction to each play both are good texts that intend to liberate us through humour from any frustration about the environment in which the texts are situated.

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