n African Performance Review - Osofisan's dramaturgy and the revolutionary streak : the concept of Messianism in and

Volume 3, Issue 2_3
  • ISSN : 1753-5964


This study sets out to examine the revolutionary streak in Osofisan's dramaturgy. With particular reference to two of his plays, and , the female protagonists Titubi, Ayoka, Dunbarin and Laboopo are appraised as revolutionary characters. A comparative analysis of both plays reveals points of divergence and convergence. The study also explores Osofisan's craftsmanship in his use of the satirical and propagandist moulds. Here, aspects of his creative skill in lampooning the social ills of his society are addressed. Emphasis is on his use of witticism and parables to articulate his visionary and radical positions in both plays. The study attempts to ascertain how these elements are utilised by the playwright to expose the plight of the people and his methods of sensitising them to take positive actions toward ameliorating the social problems. The study reveals that in situations where censorship has a gagging effect, laconic methods of gaining freedom of expression is a distinctive mark of creativity.

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