n African Journal of Rhetoric - Rhetoric in Africa - three encounters

Volume 1, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1998-2054


What I would like to assume today, as a position of address, at the launch of the African Association for Rhetoric, is a rhetorical position regarding the necessarily endless debate on what is European or African, and what is not. This debate, if it is a debate, is endless because its ends (its aims) and its boundaries (its location in space) are unstable: the very 'matter' of and for debate conceived as necessary. A volume of the , some time ago, offered the place and time of such agonistic confrontation between the editors themselves - to the intellectual joy of all concerned. My take is rhetorical, and it cannot be otherwise and my approach, in a somewhat Heideggerian manner, is phenomenological. As a private citizen I do have also views on the matter, but for our purposes, they are to remain where they are in private.

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