n African Journal of Rhetoric - Editorial

Volume 1, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1998-2054


This project, like many others started in November 2003 at a local restaurant in Ibadan Nigeria, with some family members and Prof Judith Byfield then of Dartmouth College, New Hampshire, USA. She is an Economic Historian with particular interest in gender violence. After lunch we digressed into some academic matters, when I mentioned to her my intention to organize a conference on violence, protest and rhetoric, she simply said: 'if you manage to organize it, I will sponsor someone from the US.' The immediate guarantee of support gave an impetus to an already existing passion for the promotion of rhetoric on the continent. I was not able to organise this conference in Nigeria, and regretfully, due to some technical problems, her candidate did not attend the conference in South Africa, but her support throughout the organisation process is commendable. Sequel to this discussion with Professor Byfield, I became sensitised to the nuances of protest behaviour; hence, the long list of sub-themes on the call for papers.

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