n African Journal of Rhetoric - The rhetoric of AIDS pathology in Africa : reflections on the trilogy of hyper-sexuality, moral prudence and profiteer interests

Volume 3, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1998-2054


The world is inundated with expressions of increasing concerns about pervasive threat of HIV and AIDS. The challenge of continued decimation of populations through afflictions and spread of diseases appears to compete favorably with a near persistent flow of natural disasters and wars to qualify humanity as utterly vulnerable. In all of these, however, the undeniable sweep of diseases now makes for the rendition of certain geographic spaces as high risk areas as the profile of diseases heighten in relation to the capacity to contain emerging pathological trends. Africa appears to present us with one such high risk area in respect of the prevalence and spread of the AIDS pandemic. Although responses can be felt in the attempt to bring the problem under control, determining the level of seriousness and success in this regard is blurred out by a combination of factors and forces which tax our minds to attempt adequate reconciliation of conflicting problems of ever growing penchant for sex, the need for moral prudence arising from that engagement, and the reality of the workability of funding assistance thrown behind efforts to combat the pandemic. Thus, beyond the pronouncements about efforts to address the AIDS pandemic by governments in Africa, we argue the case of extant prevarications in Africa's AIDS institutions that play up mere rhetoric as against the reality of a meaningful and enduring solution.

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