n African Journal of Rhetoric - The human factor, the chasm and HIV/AIDS : between rhetorical pronouncements and service provision

Volume 3, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1998-2054


We have looked for solutions to the HIV/AIDS pandemic since late 1980s. We pursue ideological perspectives that coerce us to create plans, policies, projects, and programs that prove ineffectual. Having implemented these actions, we become more aware of the deeper and widening chasm between our rhetorical pronouncements and avowed action. Arguably, severe human factor decay perpetuates our debilitating plight of long-term ruin. In this paper, I highlight the inherent flaws in our thinking, and the impotence of the traditional solutions. In place of perennially ineffectual orthodox ideological doctrines we propose a set of human factor-based recommendations for public policy aimed at effectively dealing with the ceaseless problems of the HIV/AIDS pandemic. We argue that before meaningful progress can be made in relation to the recommendations made in this paper, we must be governed by acts of love and compassion.

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