n African Journal of Rhetoric - African Responses to HIV/AIDS: Between Speech and Action, Segun Ige and T. Quinlan (Eds.) : review article

Volume 4, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1998-2054


Editors and contributors to this book must be applauded for embarking on an important project on HIV/AIDS. This body of work may be a critical beginning to a long-term examination of Africa's response to HIV and AIDS, allowing for continuous monitoring, retrospective analysis and critical re-examination. This on-going project as I envision, will continue to respond to the question that Molefi Kete Ashante [iv] asks about the 'the degree to which Africans are weak or strong agents,' particularly in how these Africans respond to their HIV/AIDS reality. The project as such, should contribute to ensuring that no African should suffer the worst kind of marginality as Ashante sees it: becoming marginal in one's own story.

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