n The Dairy Mail - The barn cat ode - : both sides buttered

Volume 22, Issue 8
  • ISSN : 1561-4301


If there's one thing found on a farm regardless of all else, it's barn cats. They live detached lives in dusty rafters and bedded stalls. They roam everywhere except the parlour and milk house, where, if their intuition doesn't tell them not to violate the principles of biosecurity, a water hose will. The barn cat is a strong animal, because it has to be. It sometimes eats roadkill, is stepped on in the freestalls, and spends lonely nights in the corner of the haymow. Their population billows and shrinks by the frequency of drop-offs and manic breeding. At any given time, there was always at least one that stuck out which later symbolised a childhood era. Mascara, Thomas, Psychocat, Peggie, Bob, and Bob's kitten in the loft, Garfield. I can remember the cat when I cannot remember the year. Because of this, I count time in barn cats.

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