n The Dairy Mail - Summer's stressors : production

Volume 23, Issue 3
  • ISSN : 1561-4301


There is a popular saying that goes "happy wife, happy life". The same can be said for your dairy cows. Various factors influence the comfort and welfare of your lactating herd, which will in turn affect milk production and profitability. Although some of these stress factors, such as environmental factors, cannot be avoided, some preventative actions may reduce stress and the effects thereof. Environmental stressors should decrease as the season progresses, but with the current El Niño and drought situation, events will most likely not follow the normal cycle. The latest report by the International Research Institute for Climate and Society predicts that the strong El Niño effects will continue through March 2016, confirming the December 2015 Seasonal Climate Watch released by the South African Weather Service.

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