n Acta Academica - Word orders with ditransitive verbs

Supplement 1
  • ISSN : 0587-2405


Extracted from text ... 131 Aditransitive V in BA selects an NP and a PP (1) or two NP's (2). Due to their select nature, these phrases/clauses are indispensable and their omission would deform such sentences. (Dan 2:21) ?ymiyKij'1/2l] at;m]k]j; bh?y... (1) j?heb - x?kmet? - lexakkijmijn gives - the wisdom - to wise men "He gives wisdom to the wise". (Dan 2:5) ?Wmc;T]yI yliw:n" ?/kyTeb;1/2W (2) ub?ttejkown - new?lij - jitsh?m?n and houses yours - ruins - he will be laid "...and your houses will be laid in ruins..." The word order of any sentence with a ditransitive verb will of necessity differ ..

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