n Acta Academica - Verb-Subject-Object and related word orders in BA

Supplement 1
  • ISSN : 0587-2405


Extracted from text ... 85 According the philologist Joseph Greenberg (1978:76) all languages may (superficially) be classified into six groups on the criterion of word order, viz S-V-O, S-O-V, V-S-O, V-O-S, OV- S and O-S-V. The grammatical relations S, V and O are used in combination to express six types of word order. All these word orders feature in BA. No unmarked word order of BA, as a non-living language, has yet been found. This chapter will attempt to identify the unmarked word order peculiar to BA and secondly to explain the occurrence of the remaining five word orders in BA within the principles ..

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