n Acta Academica - The negative לֺא with non-finite verbs : chapter 6

Supplement 3
  • ISSN : 0587-2405


This chapter focusses on the two non-finite verb forms in BH, namely the participle and the infinitive (construct and absolute). The aim of this chapter is threefold: firstly, to present analyses of the various construction types in which these non-finite verb forms co-occur with the negative לֺא secondly, to describe the scope of the negative in such constructions; and thirdly, to critically assess the merit of the translations of the relevant examples in the different text versions referred to in Chapter 1. The discussion is organised as follows. Section 6.1 provides background information on the two non-finite verb forms. Section 6.2 focusses on the characteristic features of the non-finite verb forms. Section 6.3 concentrates on the distribution of the negative לֺא preceding the non-finite verb forms. In Section 6.4 a discussion on the scope of the negative לֺא preceding the different non-finite verb forms is provided.

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