n Acta Academica - Grammatical aspects of the negative לֺא : chapter 2

Supplement 3
  • ISSN : 0587-2405


As indicated in Chapter 1, this investigation focusses on the syntactic distribution of the negative לֺא with the ultimate aim of determining the exact scope of the negative לֺא . In BH grammars a chapter at most is usually dedicated to the negative and only a basic outline is given. Although existing grammars do survey the morphological forms of the negative לֺא , they lack sufficient exposition of the syntactic distribution and scope of the negative לֺא . The objective of this chapter is to describe certain grammatical aspects of the negative לֺא , for example its morphological varieties. To determine the distribution and scope of the negative לֺא , it is deemed necessary to begin with a brief morphological exposition8 of the negative לֺא . This will include a brief survey of the different lexical categories that are combined with the negative לֺא .

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