n Acta Academica - Minimalist assumptions on negation in Biblical Hebrew syntax : chapter 3

Supplement 3
  • ISSN : 0587-2405


Chapter 2 expounded the inadequate syntactic discussions of the negative לֺא in most BH dictionaries and BH grammars. The syntactic richness of the negative לֺא preceding the verb or any other category does not figure adequately in dictionaries and grammars. Minimalist Syntax, the most recent development within Chomskyan generative syntax, provides a linguistic tool for solving the issue of the negative לֺא regarding its distribution and scope. Instead of a description of systematised products of language use, Minimalist Syntax views a grammar as a characterisation of the knowledge of a language borne in one's mind. The primary objective is to account for the production of well-formed sentences; therefore, in this sense, the focus is on syntax.

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