n Acta Academica - Cultural relativism and cultural absolutism

Supplement 2
  • ISSN : 0587-2405


Cultural relativism suffers from two flaws: a logical flaw and a conceptual one. The logical flaw relates to the differentiation between the absolute mind and the relative mind. This means that the assumption of the cultural dependency of science implicitly always presupposes an absolute truth which is independent of culture. The second flaw is the conceptualisation of culture as a kind of cage from which nobody is able to escape. To avoid these two errors and to define relativism without relinquishing the commitment to science, the author presents the concept of "constructive realism" which is able to resolve both these problems. End

<b>Kulturele relativisme en kulturele absolutisme</b> <br>Kulturele relativisme gaan mank aan twee vergissings: 'n logiese en 'n begripsmatige mistasting. Die logiese fout verwys na die differensiasie tussen 'n absolute rede en 'n relatiewe rede. Die implikasie hiervan is dat die aanname van die kulturele afhanklikheid van wetenskap altyd 'n absolute waarheid veronderstel wat onafhanklik van kultuur is. Die tweede fout is om kultuur te konseptualiseer as 'n soort hok waaruit niemand kan ontsnap nie. Met die doel om hierdie twee foute te vermy en om relativisme te definieer sonder om die verbintenis tot wetenskapsbeoefening prys te gee, stel die outeur die begrip van konstruktiewe realisme voor, wat die weg open om albei probleme op te los. End

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