n Acta Academica - Individual place names displaying Bushman influence

Supplement 2
  • ISSN : 0587-2405


The following should be noted regarding the list of individual place names displaying Bushman influence:

  • In discussing words that have been 'borrowed' from Bushman languages and adapted to the Zulu system, reference may be made to some words being cognate with others. Since Zulu and the Bushman languages are unrelated and not descended from a common ancestor, the term 'cognate' should be understood, according to Webster's definition, as "c : related in a manner that involves borrowing rather than descent from or as well as descent from an ancestral language - often used with , sometimes with " (Gove 1961: 440).
  • Translations of quotations are those of the author.
  • Over the past years, the spellings of many Zulu place names have been standardised in accordance with the prescriptions of the Pan South African Language Board, and many Zulu place names have been changed accordingly. However, in the present investigation, the spellings of Zulu place names are given as they occur in the sources, since it is against these forms that Bushman cognates and correspondences are compared.
  • In some instances, several Bushman words, from different Bushman languages, are given as cognates for Zulu words and components of place names. Although these do not all correspond to the same extent to their Zulu counterparts, they have been included for purposes of future comparison and for possibly shedding light on the relationship between languages, and former language distribution and language contact.
  • With a view to facilitating comparison between the Zulu and Bushman components of names, and in the interests of transparency, reliability and authenticity of given meanings, the page numbers on which the words appear in the relevant dictionaries are given in each case. For this reason, there are frequent references to the compilers of dictionaries, vocabularies and word lists, such as Bleek, Colenso, Doke & Vilakazi, Nienaber, Kroenlein, and Rust.

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