n Acta Academica - Method of determining Bushman influence

Supplement 2
  • ISSN : 0587-2405


There are similarities in the roots of words in different extant and recorded Bushman languages, so much so that they led to the classification of these languages into the three groups given earlier (Bleek 1929: 1-6, 1956: [iii-iv]). A challenge to this classification because of a lack of conversion rules does not alter the fact that words in some "obviously related" dialects are "overwhelmingly and obviously similar" (Traill 1978: 145). On the assumption that the extinct Bushman languages of the area now known as KwaZulu-Natal would also show such similarities, and that words from extinct and unrecorded Bushman languages of KwaZulu-Natal would be similar to recorded cognate words, the present investigation tests Zulu place names against such recorded words with the same lexical meanings, taking account of phonological, morphological and syntactic adaptation.

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