n Acta Academica - Huwelikstevredenheid en vryetydsbesteding

Volume 34, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0587-2405


Die doel van hierdie ondersoek was om vryetydaktiwiteitspatrone te bepaal, asook hoe dit met huwelikstevredenheid en vryetydsbesteding verband hou. 'n Biografiese vraelys, 'n vryetydaktiwiteitsvraelys en twee subskale van die Enriching and Nurturing Relationship Issues, Communication and Happiness-skaal (ENRICH) is afsonderlik deur 35 egpare, elk met adolessente kinders, voltooi. Resultate dui daarop dat daar by mans én vroue 'n beduidend positiewe verband tussen huwelikstevredenheid en tevredenheid met vryetydsbesteding bestaan. Positiewe korrelasies is ook gevind tussen huwelikstevredenheid en tevredenheid met vryetydsbesteding by die gesamentlike asook die individueel-en-gesamentlike vryetydaktiwiteitspatrone. Die resultate het belangrike implikasies vir huweliksvoorbereiding, huweliksverryking en huweliksterapie.

The aim of this study was to investigate patterns in leisure activities and their relation to marital satisfaction. A biographical questionnaire, a leisure activity questionnaire and two sub-scales of the Enriching and Nurturing Relationship Issues, Communication and Happiness (ENRICH) scale were completed independently by 35 married couples with adolescent children. The results indicated a significant positive relationship between marital satisfaction and contentment with the use of leisure time in both joint and individual-and-joint leisure activities. These results have important implications for premarital guidance, the enrichment of married life and marriage counselling.

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