n Acta Academica - E-governance in South Africa : are we coping?

Volume 37, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0587-2405


<b>E-regeerkunde in Suid-Afrika : kom ons die mas op?</b> <br>Regerings in ontwikkelde sowel as ontwikkelende state maak in 'n toenemende mate van elektroniese regeerkunde gebruik om met mekaar en die gemeenskap interaksie te hê en te kommunikeer, asook om doeltreffende dienste te lewer. In ontwikkelende state soos Suid-Afrika waar sosiale en ontwikkelingsuitdagings akuut is, is dit nodig om goed geartikuleerde openbare beleid en IKT-ontwikkelingsplanne vir die bevordering van effektiewe e-regeerkunde te ontwikkel. Die artikel evalueer die huidige en toekomstige effektiwiteit van e-regeerkunde in Suid-Afrika.

Governments in developed as well as developing countries are making increasing use of electronic governance to interact and communicate with one another and with their citizens, as well as to deliver more effective services. In developing countries such as South Africa, where social and developmental challenges are acute, it is particularly important to develop well-articulated public policies and ICT plans that will promote effective e-governance. This article evaluates the current and imminent efficacy of e-governance in South Africa.

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