n Acta Academica - Country-of-origin product image and willingness to purchase vitamin supplements

Volume 42, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0587-2405


This article investigates the country-of-origin (COO) product image consumers hold with regard to vitamins which they perceive to originate from different countries as well as their willingness to purchase vitamins that originate from these countries. Results indicate that respondents consider the COO product image of vitamins originating from South Africa and USA equally favourably, but more favourably than Chinese vitamins. Respondents are also more willing to buy vitamins originating from South Africa than those originating from USA or China. The study also found moderate to strong correlations between the COO product image and the willingness of respondents to purchase vitamins originating from each country.

Hierdie artikel ondersoek die land-van-oorsprong (LVO) produkbeeld wat verbruikers hou van vitamiene wat hulle meen van verskillende lande af kom. Die bereidwilligheid van verbruikers om vitamiene wat van hierdie lande afkomstig is te koop, word ook ondersoek. Resultate dui daarop dat die LVO produkbeeld vir vitamiene wat respondente meen van Suid-Afrika afkomstig is ewe gunstig is as die wat hulle glo van die VSA afkomstig is, maar baie meer postief is as vitamiene wat hulle meen van China afkomstig is. Respondente is ook meer bereidwillig om vitamiene te koop wat hulle meen van Suid-Afrika afkomstig is, as die wat hulle dink van die VSA en China afkomstig is. Die studie het ook korrelasies gevind tussen die LVO produkbeeld en die bereidwilligheid van verbruikers om vitamiene te koop wat van die onderskeie lande afkomstig is.

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