n Acta Academica - Social theory, human rights and philosophy - : introduction

Volume 46, Issue 4
  • ISSN : 0587-2405


The new series of , launched earlier this year, is positioned to generate critical views on society, culture and politics. seeks to attract a more globally representative public and authors and become a site of debate and contestation for humanities research by crossing disciplinary boundaries. Critical social theories, as intermediaries for traversing these boundaries, frontiers and limits, organise a variety of interpretive schemes, which conjoins with social reality and the demands of disclosing critiques. Thus, the fresh brief of , as it continuously crafts a new intellectual identity, alludes to an assortment of social and other challenges that are structurally anchored within the polity. Poverty, unemployment, globalised racism, social exclusion and unequal power relations in all spheres and levels of society, are at the core of what the humanities and social sciences should regard as the mainstay of their intellectual and practical endeavours.

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