n Conflict Trends - The Team : a soap opera on football for reconciliation and peace in Africa

Volume 2010 Number si-1
  • ISSN : 1561-9818


Mainly associated with North and West Africa, at the international, competitive level the game of football is less prominent in East Africa. With regard to sports, Kenya and Ethiopia, for example, are widely known as global powers in athletics, regularly harvesting gold medals in middle and long-distance running at the World Championships and at the Olympic Games. On the FIFA rankings, however, the two East African countries are far from the top. Out of 202 countries in the world, in March 2010 Kenya was ranked number 114 and Ethiopia at 123, with both also appearing on the lower part of the African list. Neither Kenya nor Ethiopia has ever qualified for the FIFA World Cup. This said, in both countries football enjoys wide popular support and - as described in the texts above - notably in Kenya the game is effectively used at the local level as a vehicle for inter-ethnic reconciliation, community development and the promotion of gender equality.

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