n Conflict Trends - The White Paper on South Africa's participation in Peace Missions : a unique beginning

Volume 1999, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1561-9818


After a drafting process that took place over 18 months and included several workshops with civil society, the South African Cabinet approved the 'White Paper on South African Participation in International Peace Missions' on 21 October 1998. It awaits ratification by Parliament, but the White Paper on Peace Missions has already become a groundbreaking policy achievement. It is unique in a number of ways. It is probably the first time in the world that a country has investigated, developed and adopted a comprehensive policy on participation in peace missions - before it has even participated in a peacekeeping mission. It is also the first comprehensive peacekeeping policy that adopts the peace mission approach, i.e. that reflects the modern holistic multidisciplinary approach to peacekeeping. The White Paper is also unique in that a significant portion of the policy is devoted to civilian roles in peace missions.

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