n Conflict Trends - Vasu Gounden speaks on ACCORD's role in the Burundi peace process

Volume 2000, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1561-9818


Extracted from text ... 16 Conflict Trends spoke to Mr Vasu Gounden, Founder and Executive Director of ACCORD about the organisation's role in the Burundi peace process BY SEAN CALLAGHAN INTERVIEW Conflict Trends: What role has ACCORD played in the Burundi peace process? Vasu Gounden: On the ground in Burundi, civil society organisations have been mobilising and organising themselves to become part of the peace process and this is where we, as an organisation, have been involved. An ACCORD delegation spent 5 days in Burundi in April, meeting with a wide range of civil society organisations, to hear their views on the peace process underway in Arusha. We reported our findings to Mr Mandela and President Buyoya. We then brought 27 civil society representatives to ..

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