n Conflict Trends - Western Sahara : a case of unresolved aggression

Volume 2000, Issue 3
  • ISSN : 1561-9818


Extracted from text ... 6 Putting Western Sahara's unresolved aggression into historical perspective BY SENZO NGUBANE CONFLICT UPDATE DOMINIQUE FAGET/AFP lives on in Africa Situated in northern Africa and bordering the Atlantic Ocean between Mauritania and Morocco, this territory stands out as, ostensibly, Africa's last colony. 1 For more than three decades, the question of Western Sahara's independence has remained unanswered, and the conflict has become a forgotten and neglected international crisis. Spain occupied Western Sahara during the colonial era. Thereafter, Mauritania and Morocco invaded the territory. Currently, Western Sahara is under Morocco's occupation. For about the last ten years, however, the UN has attempted to conduct a referendum to decide the territory's future. Interesting parallels can be drawn between the situation in East Timor and the ..

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