n Conflict Trends - Reforming the Kingdom

Volume 2000, Issue 4
  • ISSN : 1561-9818


Extracted from text ... 8 reforming the kingdom Pressure is mounting on the monarchy to implement wide sweeping changes BY REBECCA STEINMANN DEMOCRACY TOM MIHALEK/AFP The Kingdom of Swaziland stands alone as the only single- party monarchy on the conti- nent of Africa. Five years after achieving inde- pendence in 1968, King Sobhuza II put in place a system of government that combined traditional and Western styles of governance. Since that time, pressure to create a more democratic climate in Swaziland has come from both inside and outside the country. Labour bodies have pressured the government to liberalise labour laws, and political parties have pushed for a multi- party system of governance. These calls for reform have prompted King Mswati III - King Sobhuza's successor ..

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