n Conflict Trends - Foreword

Volume 2002, Issue 3
  • ISSN : 1561-9818


The bane of the ordinary African man, woman and child is conflict. The truism in this statement is reflected in the ongoing carnage from the Mano River Union in West Africa to the killings fields of Somalia in the Horn of Africa. In this context, there can be no effective governance, little sustainable development and the marginalisation of Africa will continue apace. To put it both simply and brutally: conflict undermines the vision of an African Renaissance. Clearly this is an untenable state of affairs and there is a desperate need for African states to develop and sustain a viable peacekeeping capacity. The need for this was recently highlighted by a further 1,500 South African combat troops preparing to join MONUC in the Democratic Republic of the Congo following the successful signing of a peace agreement between Presidents Kagame and Kabila.

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