n Conflict Trends - Soldiers of folly?

Volume 2002 Number 4
  • ISSN : 1561-9818


The recent Soweto bomb explosions raise some serious questions with regard to the ostensibly peaceful state of politics in South Africa. The explosions came as a sudden shock. They reminded us of a not too distant and violent past; a past that we hoped had been relegated to the history books. The organisation that claimed responsibility for the bombs - the 'Boerevolk-Krygers' Beeld 11 November 2002. (Warriors of the Boer Nation) - represents the extreme right of the South African political spectrum. It is possible that the Boerevolk-Krygers may be linked to the recent arrests of numerous individuals reportedly involved in plans to overthrow the South African government. One demand they made was for the release of 18 individuals, who were arrested for allegedly being involved in the plot.

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