n Conflict Trends - Editorial

Volume 2003, Issue 3
  • ISSN : 1561-9818


Historically, gender-based exclusion, including women's absence from peace negotiating forums, has resulted in damaging setbacks in reconciliation and post-conflict recovery efforts. Our work at ACCORD with women in the Somali, Burundi and DRC conflicts bore testimony to the crucial role that women play in peace negotiations. The women of Somalia played a critical role in brokering peace in Mogadishu in 1998. When the city was besieged by opposing militia groups, the women negotiated a ceasefire to allow men, women and children to go about their daily lives. In a similar display of iron will in 2002, the women of the DRC barricaded their men-folk inside the Inter-Congolese Dialogue venue and demanded that they do not leave the venue until they sign the peace agreement!

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