n Conflict Trends - Peacekeeping trends - : peacekeeping

Volume 2003, Issue 4
  • ISSN : 1561-9818


The past year saw a number of significant developments and important trends in the field of peacekeeping in Africa. In terms of developments, the most significant is possibly the decision by the African Union (AU) to embark on the process of establishing an African Standby Force (ASF). The AU also authorised and deployed its first fully-fledged peacekeeping mission, the African Mission to Burundi (AMIB), in 2003. In terms of trends, the most important is probably the increasing specialisation between the UN and regional organisations, where the latter focus on stabilising conflict zones with short but robust operations whilst the former follows on with more long-term peace building missions. This article will discuss some of the significant developments that emerged in Africa in 2003 and consider some of the trends what are likely to dominate the crisis management and peace building field in 2004.

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