n Conflict Trends - Burundi in 2003 : highlights of a 'thorny' road to peace? : peacemaking

Volume 2003, Issue 4
  • ISSN : 1561-9818


The year 2003 was somewhat symbolic for Burundi in two different but related ways. From a pessimistic point of view, 2003 marked a decade of war and civil strife in a country that has experienced a vicious circle of violence and instability. From an optimistic point of view, the same period also contains various attempts and many initiatives to find peace in Burundi. Therefore, the year 2003 has symbolised for Burundi one of the key anecdotes and paradoxes of most African states: attempts to bring about peace and stability exist side by side with and are often marred by conditions that still breed conflict and crisis. In such a situation, the focus has tended to be more on the failures to bring about peace than on a genuine appreciation of concerted efforts to end the war.

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