n Conflict Trends - Cabinda : where to from here? : peacemaking

Volume 2004, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1561-9818


Resolutions to conflict are often categorised according to long- or short-term measures and then further delineated according to the focus area, theme, or avenue of approach. In the short-term, the emphasis is on achieving a cessation of conflict and the long-term approach is to transform those structures or systems that promote or provide for conflict. Efforts at achieving immediate and sustained peace are the responsibility of a variety of actors at the individual, local, provincial, national, regional, and international level. Political will, or in fact social and economic will, to resolve and transform conflict is indeed a prerequisite for sustaining peace and it is one factor in peace promotion that needs to be urgently addressed. Resolving conflict and building lasting peace is possible through the will of all the actors involved, that is, actors directly and indirectly involved in conflict resolution and the promotion of peace.

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