n Conflict Trends - US involvement in African peacekeeping

Volume 2007, Issue 4
  • ISSN : 1561-9818


The announcement by President George Bush on 7 February 2007, that he had directed his Department of Defense (DoD) to develop and establish a Unified Command for Africa (AFRICOM) by the end of September 2008, generated excitement and concern within the continent. So far, the debate on whether AFRICOM is a viable project for the continent has been animated by two schools of thought: outright rejection and cautious optimism. As important as these views may be, the purpose of this article is not to engage on the correctness of these two arguments but rather to contribute to this debate, by focusing on the process and previous programmes that paved the way for AFRICOM, and to question whether it is in keeping with the basic principles that underline the African Peace and Security Agenda (APSA). Through understanding the Global Peace Operation Initiative and other programmes, this article places AFRICOM as the residue of United States (US) historical involvement on the continent.

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