n Conflict Trends - Symbiosis of peace and development in Kashmir : an imperative for conflict transformation

Volume 2009, Issue 4
  • ISSN : 1561-9818


Kashmir, in its current situation, represents a case of symbiosis of peace and development. The current post-violence scenario has reinforced the link between peace and development in the trouble-torn region, and has indicated how the peace process has penetrated to the grassroots and invoked a spirit of participatory development in the Kashmiri people. This article argues that the peace process has provided the required ambience for the launch of sustainable development initiatives in the conflict-ridden region. The dawn of peace in Kashmir - referred to as "sunrise" - has widened prospects of peace through economic development. In fact, the region has never had such an opportunity to build peace through economic reconstruction. This article, while delineating these broad themes of peace and development, will also briefly look at how the conflict has exacted heavy damage on civilians, and how the peace process has provided the impetus to initiate development measures.

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