n Conflict Trends - Paramilitary groups and national security : a comparison between Colombia and Sudan

Volume 2009, Issue 4
  • ISSN : 1561-9818


When trying to come to terms with the study of some of the most complex armed conflicts in the world, the particularities of each context are usually highlighted in such a way that their complexity is justified. Most scholars interested in the developments of the conflicts in Sudan and Colombia appear to reach a common point of analysis. However, beyond the obvious differences arising from the contexts in which they have originated, both conflicts are situated in specific and particularly complex realities, which set them apart from any other previously studied scenarios.

While the aim of this work is not to simplify the realities of two very distinct conflicts, the objectives are to establish common ground and to acknowledge useful similarities between Colombia and Sudan. Thus, the focus will be on one of the most controversial variables of the two conflicts : the formation and use of paramilitary forces.

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