n Conflict Trends - Bridging the gap : conflict resolution practice and research at ACCORD

Volume 2012, Issue 3
  • ISSN : 1561-9818


Conflict resolution seeks to resolve conflicts constructively, sometimes in novel ways. It aims to create situations in which violence is minimised, antagonism between adversaries is overcome, outcomes are mutually acceptable to the opponents and settlements are enduring. Conflict resolution includes long-term strategies, short-term tactics and actions by adversaries as well as by mediators. It is based on the work of academic analysts and practitioners, both official and non-official. The rapidly expanding field is not a narrowly defined discipline. Rather, it is one that has been developing and changing for some 70 years. The growth of conflict resolution, as well as the changing nature of conflict, has generated a considerable amount of new research assessing the use and effect of the various applications of conflict resolution.

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