n Conflict Trends - Celebrating Nelson Mandela's legacy : a colloquium on diversity, cohesion and integration

Volume 2013, Issue 3
  • ISSN : 1561-9818


There is no better way of describing South Africa's past, present and future, as it wrestles with its hold on diversity, social cohesion and integration. These are themes that reverberate through the nation's political narrative - at times petering out and coalescing, and on other occasions coming out asunder.

The faith in Mandela and his legacy, particularly on these themes, was highlighted recently during the week of his birthday celebrations. In less than 20 years of democratic constitutional rule in South Africa, there has never been such outpouring of love, warmth and support for Mandela in one focused moment in so many places all over the world. Once again, South Africa stood firm and united as the nation and the world pledged to continue working towards the goal of understanding the fullness of humanity. From our disparate ends, we have come to cherish all of Mandela's values: collectivism, truth, justice, non-violence, reconciliation, forgiveness, selfless leadership, patience, diversity and unity, and dialogue.

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