n Conflict Trends - The evolving role of international policing in peacebuilding processes

Volume 2014, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1561-9818


The idea of holistic approaches to peace operations has been at the core of the development of police components and approaches in the past 20 years. Peace operations have evolved from being primarily a military enterprise - which was traditionally concerned with separating opposition forces and monitoring ceasefire agreements - to becoming a complex mix of different dimensions that support the implementation of comprehensive peace agreements and the creation of foundations for long-term peacebuilding.

Police components increasingly started undertaking a wider variety of tasks in response to a shift in peace operations mandates, which focus on supporting rule of law and human rights approaches as an essential means of achieving sustainable peace. In particular, peace operations engaged in a wide range of police reform efforts, including a role in the strengthening and reform of security sector institutions, capacity development, and applying new approaches in the process of professionalising national policing efforts.

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