n Conflict Trends - African Union Panel of the Wise - : fact file

Volume 2014, Issue 4
  • ISSN : 1561-9818


The Panel of the Wise (PW) is a consultative body of the African Union (AU), composed of five appointed members who each serve a three-year term. The PW is one of the pillars of the AU Peace and Security Architecture (APSA). Article 11 of the Protocol establishing the Peace and Security Council (PSC) sets up a five-person panel of "highly respected African personalities from various segments of society who have made outstanding contributions to the cause of peace, security and development on the continent". They are tasked with supporting the efforts of the PSC and those of the Chairperson of the Commission, particularly in the area of conflict prevention. The role of the PW is therefore primarily to advise the PSC and the Chairperson of the AU Commission on all issues pertaining to the promotion and maintenance of peace, security and stability in Africa. The PW's functioning modalities allow it - as and when necessary and in the form it considers most appropriate - to pronounce itself on any issues relating to the promotion and maintenance of peace, security and stability in Africa. Based on this mandate, the PW was thus equipped with the ability to initiate preventative diplomacy measures on the continent, which is a unique feature of this APSA component.

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