n Conflict Trends - South Sudan-Uganda relations : the cost of peace

Volume 2015, Issue 4
  • ISSN : 1561-9818


There are multiple and longstanding ties between Uganda and South Sudan. The current civil war in South Sudan has impacted Ugandan politics and economy, as well as relations between the two countries. Moreover, Uganda's support is needed for the implementation of the negotiated settlement reached in August 2015 between the parties in the war in South Sudan. Uganda's recently developed economic ties with South Sudan, and its hope for future market integration, add weight to its political engagement. But it is the long-standing security interests and current military intervention that constitute the Ugandan government's main concern. This involvement is controversial and affects Uganda's status in the region and beyond. Conversely, it is necessary to acknowledge the neighbouring countries' vested interest in the peace process, lest they become spoilers.

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