n Conflict Trends - Editorial

Volume 2015, Issue 4
  • ISSN : 1561-9818


On 21 November 2015, during ACCORD's 2015 Africa Peace Awards celebration, I made a public call for the United Nations (UN) to convene the first-ever World Conference on Global Peace. Over the past few months, our television screens and social media feeds have exposed us to the graphic nightmares currently plaguing humanity. Terrorism, violent uprisings and devastating conflicts now afflict several parts of the world, with no corner of our planet seemingly immune to these challenges or their consequences. Conflicts throughout the world have multiplied in complexity and intensity. The traditional war paradigm of two nations fighting on a common border has become less relevant. Today, internal conflicts are more prevalent, especially with the expansion of uncontrollable and amorphous groups of radicalised and militant individuals. We also observe that nations use these conflicts to directly and indirectly compete for power and influence, and to pursue their own narrow agendas.

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