n Conflict Trends - Building regional capacity for conflict prevention and peacebuilding in the Great Lakes Region

Volume 2016, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1561-9818


The Great Lakes Region of Africa is characterised by, among other things, ongoing conflict. The region has been - and continues to be - a theatre of some of the most intractable, perverse and turbulent violent conflicts on the continent. These violent conflicts occur at two levels - intrastate conflicts (with great regional effects), and cross-border (interstate with intrastate ramifications) cyclic violence - which bear manifestations of never-ending problems of displacements and refugees, illegal exploitation of resources and human trafficking, growth of illegal armed groups and the upsurge of small arms and light weapons. This intrastate-interstate conflict web is closely linked to situations of poor management challenges around refugees and displaced persons, who harbour feelings of revenge and often cross back to their countries, seeking to retake power.

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