n Conflict Trends - Community reintegration models for ex-militias : lessons for the Niger Delta and other divided societies

Volume 2010 Number 1
  • ISSN : 1561-9818


In a bid to actualise the Niger Delta Peace Plan, in April 2009 the Nigerian President offered amnesty to militants of the Niger Delta. Whereas this announcement was seen by some as a route to peace, it is suggested in this article that an effective solution to a protracted problem is about tackling the problem with evidence-based models, and not about making it easier to live with. The Niger Delta problem, like many other conflicts in developing countries, has its roots in protracted and intergenerational dispute. It is about ("the soul of all improvement is the improvement of the soul"). One best-practice model to deal with this kind of problem is the application of the psychology of cognitive behaviour reversal training (CBRT), aimed at providing fundamental trainings on alternative dispute resolution, active citizenship, behaviour modification and victim empathy to both the militants and the traditional leaders of the respective communities to which the militants must eventually return.

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