oa Africa Dialogue Monograph Series - An Egyptian View of the African Renaissance

Volume 1 Number 1
  • ISSN : 1562-7004



The continent that produced great civilisations such as those of Ghana,Benin, the Pharaonic of Egypt and Timbuktu of Mali could rise again andface the challenges of the twenty-first century.This is exactly what the then deputy president, Thabo Mbeki, meantwhen he said in his speech in Japan in April of last year. We are our ownliberators and we must have confidence in ourselves. What other words couldbe more inspiring and stimulating for us as Africans embarking on the roadof the African Renaissance? Yes, it is a long road and a difficult one, but wehave started it and there is no going back.The Egyptian view of the African Renaissance does not differ muchfrom the South African view. We agree on the objective and the ultimate goal,even if we may vary on the mechanisms and tactics to reach our commongoal. My emphasis will be on the socio-economic aspects of the AfricanRenaissance as I consider these the most difficult of challenges.

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