n African Journal on Conflict Resolution - Back from the brink: The 2008 mediation process and reforms in Kenya, Graça Machel and Benjamin Mkapa : book review

Volume 14, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1562-6997


Although much has been written about triggers of post-electoral violence, and what needs to be done to prevent their resurgence in Kenya and Africa, insights into the architecture on which Kenya's post-2007 electoral institutions were built have not benefitted from the same amount of scholarly and policy attention. With early warning signs suggesting that growing elitism and the gap between the rich and the poor are set to widen, interest in democratic processes is also set to increase. However, this interest risks sparking some uncontrollable civil strife or popular uprisings such as has been witnessed around the world in the North Africa and Middle East region, Greece, Spain, and now Ukraine. How states or international organisations would respond to such strife is marked by the incertitude that contemporary policy makers have to grapple with. presents a real life example of how contestation in Kenya's democratisation process uncovered years of unresolved socio-economic undercurrents and almost degenerated into a civil war.

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